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  • Do you need to develop an online learning strategy?
  • Are you wanting to design online and blended learning education?
  • Are you looking to buy a Learning Management System (LMS) and want to ensure it will meet future needs?
  • Do you need a project manager to implement your online learning strategy?
  • Does your team need upskilling in online learning design?

Connect Thinking® will provide personalised support to you and your team.

Connect Thinking is an online learning design and Learning Management System (LMS) consultancy. We support organisations in their transition to online learning.

Alison Bickford is the Director and Principal Consultant of Connect Thinking. She has been designing and managing online learning since 2002. Alison has the experience to help you realise your online learning strategy.

Alison Bickford is available for consulting engagements and part-time contracts.

Connect Thinking is a pre-qualified supplier to:
Australian Government Digital Marketplace – Training, Learning and Development
NSW ICT Services Scheme: Category L – Learning Services

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Typical Engagements

online learning design icon

Online learning design

So, you aspire to translate your classroom program to online or blended learning, but are not sure how to go about it. Well, Connect Thinking has the skills and experience to help.

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online education project management

Online education project management

Online learning development costs have come down, and acceptance of learning online has been amplified by the availability of smart devices and advancements in multimedia. Now is the right time to transition your traditional training and education to online.

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learning management system procurement support icon

Learning Management System procurement support

Purchasing a Learning Management System (LMS) is a big investment. Not only are these systems expensive, but they impact your learning ‘product’ and value proposition.

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learning management system implementation project management icon

Learning Management System implementation project management

When we became educators and learning professionals, most of us didn’t expect to become involved in systems. Learning Management Systems demand us to become savvy in cataloguing, user experience, design, testing and systems governance.

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workshops and coaching icon

Workshops and coaching

Connect Thinking® has over fifteen years’ experience working with educators and learning practitioners in online learning design and facilitation.

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Latest from our Blog

Respond to COVID-19: Get your courses online NOW

Has COVID-19 disrupted your classroom training schedule? Now is the time to seize momentum, pivot your training model and future-proof your organisation. It may seem daunting moving to online, but there is always a ‘sweet spot’ where risk and reward is acceptable. It is about knowing how to test an idea, how to phase a...
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A Free Checklist to Assess the Quality of an E-Learning Course

Originally published May 6, 2013 1:57:00 PM, updated February 27 2019 It’s 2013 and I am still seeing poor quality e-learning courses being built by so-called ‘professional’ e-learning developers who then sell these to uninformed organisations. Common issues include: Poor navigation Poorly chunked and sequenced content Overwhelming use of text Poor attention to visual design Little use of...
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