April 20, 2014

E-Learning Instructional Design Workshop

  • Are you wanting to develop internal e-learning development capability?
  • Do you need to develop new skills in e-learning instructional design?
E-Learning Quality Governance
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Then this ½ day or 1 day workshop is for you!

The purpose of the E-Learning Instructional Design workshop is to provide participants with the fundamentals in e-learning instructional design, visual design and project management.

The workshop is available as a half day theory introduction or full-day activity-based workshop which is co-facilitated with Duy Huynh, Executive Producer of Beyondedge, one of Australia’s leading e-learning developers. The full-day workshop provides you with both an internal project management methodology and a production methodology to learning design.

By the end of the one day workshop, you will have analysed and designed a piece of content for e-learning in a way that is engaging and compelling for learners.

All workshops are accompanied with 1 week free access to the Connect Thinking E-Learning Academy.

For more information, call Alison on office: +61 2 9988 3412, mobile: +61 417 252 960 or email us