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Personalised support along your e-learning & social media journey
Working with you to develop your e-learning strategy
Helping you to ask the right questions of your business & LMS providers
Supporting your trainers to design, develop & implement quality e-learning

E-Learning, LMS and Social Media Consultancy

Helping you to scope, design, implement and evaluate your online learning strategy.
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E-Learning Strategy

We will help uncover your needs and ask the right questions before you commit your e-learning, LMS or social media budget.
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Learning Management Systems

We will help scope your requirements and go out to market to ensure you purchase a LMS that is 'fit for purpose'.
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Social Media

We will help you to understand and leverage social media for workplace learning.
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Workshops and Support

We will design bespoke workshops to help transition your learning and development team from classroom delivery to e-learning.
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What we do at Connect Thinking

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Our Services

  • We will help you to:
    • Implement best practice
    • Ensure adult learning principles
    • Improve design methodologies
    • Choose the right tools
    • Project manage to time, cost and quality
    • Evaluate outcomes
  • We will help you to:
    • Understand the jargon
    • Identify your requirements
    • Choose the right LMS, 'fit for purpose'
    • Minimise project risk
    • Introduce project methodologies
    • Sustain and embed the system
  • We will help you to:
    • Leverage social media for learning
    • Scope mobile learning
    • Support project team collaboration
    • Implement just-in-time learning
    • Steer expert opinion to new staff
    • Design strategies for 70:20:10