New blog from Connect Thinking

Hello and welcome to the Connect Thinking Blog. My name is Alison Bickford, and I’m director of Connect Thinking.

I’ve been writing blog posts for a number of years now – my Research blog, and our E-Learning Academy blog. Today we have launched the Connect Thinking blog.

Each blog has a different purpose:

Read the Connect Thinking blog (this blog) to get information and opinions about:

  • E-learning and social media strategies for organisational learning
  • Work-based performance support technologies
  • Technology implementation
  • Organisational learning and technology trends
  • Our changing practice
  • My doctoral research (work-based virtual learning environment – VLE)

Read the Connect Thinking E-Learning Academy blog for information and opinions about:

  • E-Learning and social media skill development
  • “How to” guides
  • Learning technology tools

Read my Research blog for academic conferences and the occasional student academic post.

I hope you find this new blog of value.

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